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What Happens in a Consultation?

Each person is different and has different nutritional needs. Whether you are looking for help with a particular condition, want to lose weight, wish to conceive or have more energy, at Helen Kenny Nutrition we can help you achieve your goals.


When you have booked your one-to-one Nutrition Consultation, you will receive a questionnaire by email or post which you must fill in and return prior to your appointment. This asks about your current state of health, medication you are taking (if any), your family history and your lifestyle. You are asked to fill in a food diary for 2 days which is important as a starting point from which to work from. All information provided is private and confidential and enables the development of a specific dietary and supplementary programme for your specific needs.


At the initial consultation a food intolerance test (over 100 foods are tested) and a vitamin/mineral analysis is carried out. This gives an indication of immune system health and helps identify any possible factors which may be contributing to current symptoms/illnesses. An individual diet and supplement programme is devised based on your individual needs.


After following the specified programme for 4 weeks a review consultation will be scheduled to review your progress, a re-test of the food intolerance test and vitamin/mineral analysis will be carried out and other individual tests may be advised depending on initial symptoms presented with.


Food Intolerance test & Nutrient Analysis included in the Consultation Fee.


To book a consultation now please contact 089 4974727 or email [email protected]