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Weight Loss

According to 2011 figures, 61% of adults and 22% of 5-12 year olds are overweight or obese.
A study conducted by Oxford University estimates that within 10 years 80% of all men, and 70% of all women will be either overweight or obese.This is very significant and worrying, particularly in relation to our children.
Obesity increases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes – all of which can be prevented through a healthy diet and lifestyle.
It is a scientific fact that dieting doesn’t work. It creates feelings of deprivation, sugar cravings and ultimately leads to failure.
When you restrict food and skip meals, your metabolism slows down, causing your body to hold onto fat and let go of muscle and water. As far as your body is concerned it doesn’t know when it will get food again and so it goes into “famine” mode. The result is Initially while you are counting calories and eating very little you will lose weight but after a period of time your weight will plateau. When you eat normally again, the weight piles on as fat.

  • At Helen Kenny Nutrition we show you how to re-programme your body to BURN FAT rather than STORE FAT.


  • Learn what foods to eat to burn fat and achieve your ideal weight.


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  • Our Eating Plan combined with daily exercise will have positive results not only on your waistline but on your overall health.