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After trying to conceive for over a year with no success we attended Helen Kenny’s clinic. Helen went through our medical history, and did a food intolerance test and vitamin test.  Helen devised a specific diet and  nutrition plan for both of us.  Additional tests were carried out over the next number of visits – hormone tests and screening of various body organs. Both of us continued to follow a very healthy diet and within 7 months I was pregnant. Louise was born, a very healthy 7Ibs 5oz. We learned so much about what to eat and the importance of vitamins and minerals in the body and we cannot thank Helen Kenny enough for making our lives complete.

Mr & Mrs S


I had suffered with Polycystic ovaries as a teenager and was told I may not be able to have children.  Three years into our marriage there didn’t seem to be any hope of  becoming parents. We made an appointment to see Helen but with little hope.  Helen went through our forms and carried out some tests.  She explained the results of these with relevance to our symptoms and a specific eating plan was devised for both of us together with specific nutrients. After 6 weeks I felt great, I was sleeping better, had more energy and was losing weight naturally. My vitamin and mineral levels had improved so Helen carried out a hormone test which revealed low progesterone levels needed for pregnancy. Helen altered my programme accordingly to help the body naturally re-balance the hormones but we were warned this could take time. After 15 months of attending the clinic I was pregnant. Helen ensured I kept in touch throughout the pregnancy offering advice on supplements due to my medical history. Baby James was born with no complications and a very healthy 8Ibs 5oz. The support, advice and information received from Helen over that time was incredible – she explained everything very clearly – I cannot recommend her highly enough.