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Pre-Conception Care

Are you interested in consciously preparing your body before trying to conceive?
The importance of pre-conception care and nourishing the body prior to conception is largely forgotten about in our modern world. But it is now widely established that the nutritional environment of a mother’s womb affects her baby, not only at birth and in early infancy but for the rest of his/her life.
What is less known is that a mother and father’s diet and lifestyle choices in the months leading up to conception is very important.
Life is truly a miracle and in order to have a healthy baby, a healthy egg and healthy sperm, (that is healthy parents) is essential. It takes 3 months for immature eggs (oocytes) to mature enough to be released during ovulation. It also takes three months for sperm cells to develop. This means that when you are trying to enhance fertility both partners need to allow at least 3 months on a balanced diet and supplement programme before conceiving. This is called ‘pre-conceptual care’ and it is as important to nourish the body during this time as during the pregnancy itself.

The Pre-Conception Programme Involves:

  • A detailed Nutrition Consultation which includes a food intolerance test and vitamin analysis.


  • Follow up consultation 6 weeks later including a hormone test and toxicity test.


  • Recommendations given to detoxify and cleanse the body in preparation for conception


  • Individual body organs are assessed throughout the programme.