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Creation Fertility Programme

You want to have a baby. Perhaps you have been trying for months or even years. Perhaps there is no medical explanation for not conceiving. Perhaps you are looking for alternatives.
Whether you have an undiagnosed mystery or you have a specific health condition the most important thing you can do to increase fertility is choose nutrient rich foods that create the right environment for a healthy baby.

We know that women who are closer to their healthy body weight have a better chance of conception than women who are either underweight or overweight. And we know that men who don’t smoke and eat well produce 40% more healthy sperm than those who don’t. Conditions including PCOS, endometriosis and yeast overgrowth which negatively impact fertility can be treated with correct dietary modifications.

The Creation Fertility Programme is a 6-9 month programme designed to enhance hormone health, immune health, digestive health, pituitary gland function, reproductive organ health, thyroid and adrenal health.


The Programme Involves:

  • Completion of a Nutrition Questionnaire and copies of relevant medical tests both of which are discussed in detail at the initial consultation.


  • A food intolerance test and nutrient analysis is also carried out at the first consultation and a specific diet and supplement programme devised for the next 6 weeks.


  • Hormones levels are assessed in subsequent consultations and adaptations made to the diet and supplement programme based on results


  • Individual body organs are assessed throughout the programme.


The aim of the Creation Fertility Programme is to restore balance in both partners to optimise the chance of conception and a healthy pregnancy.  It is important both partners actively participate in the programme to maximise chances of conception and ensure a healthy baby.


Programme Costs

The total cost of each consultation for both partners is €150 – this includes all testing carried out at the clinic for the duration of the programme.

Any additional laboratory tests which are deemed necessary, are discussed during the consultations and are additional to the consultation fee.

Supplement costs are on average €150-250 per month for couples.


By enhancing overall health, correcting hormone imbalances and nutrient deficiencies, identifying food intolerances and following a nutrient rich diet, hormones can be balanced, fertility can be enhanced and pregnancy can be achieved.