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Are sugar cravings hampering your weight loss?

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Sugar cravings is not just about lack of willpower or self-control. There can be real physiological reasons which can lead to an “addiction” to sweet foods. Some of these reasons include; Nutrient Deficiencies: Sugar cravings can indicate a Zinc, Vitamin C or Magnesium deficiency. Vitamin B6 and Chromium are necessary to help the body stop […]

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Healthy Eating Tips for Summer

With the weather set to remain good for the foreseeable future what changes can you make to your eating and exercise habits to increase your energy and leave you feeling great? If you’re still not sure here are a few tips to help you get started.   • Get out in the fresh air and […]

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Eating The GL Way

With obesity on the increase and research indicating that the number of people suffering with diabetes in Ireland will double in the next decade it is crucial people start taking responsibility for their health. In the clinic a specific GL eating plan is devised for your individual needs which helps to balance blood sugar levels […]

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