Are sugar cravings hampering your weight loss?

sugar cravingsSugar cravings is not just about lack of willpower or self-control. There can be real physiological reasons which can lead to an “addiction” to sweet foods. Some of these reasons include;

Nutrient Deficiencies: Sugar cravings can indicate a Zinc, Vitamin C or Magnesium deficiency. Vitamin B6 and Chromium are necessary to help the body stop sugar cravings by balancing blood sugar levels.
Food intolerances: can affect the body’s absorption of vital nutrients into the cells through a compromised digestive system. This causes erratic blood sugar levels which increases the need for a quick energy snack in the form of sugar.
Yeast Overgrowth: Immense sugar cravings have been observed in intestinal and systemic yeast infection. The yeast infection thrives on sugar and causes the body to crave it. By eliminating all foods that contain sugar and yeast and improving gut health with probiotics gut health can be restored.
Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep can cause your body to crave sugar to “fuel” an exhausted body.
Stress – the stress hormone cortisol causes our body to keep the blood sugar level high. By doing this glucose cannot enter our body cells and they become starved of energy, this creates tiredness and lack of concentration. In order to keep going the body craves high energy sugar foods and caffeine drinks. This can lead to overeating and late night snacking leading to weight gain.  The only way to combat this is to reduce cortisol levels through gentle exercise, sufficient sleep and relaxation techniques.
Hormone Imbalance: A woman who is deficient in progesterone will often crave sugar because progesterone stabilises blood sugar and guess what nutrient helps to increase progesterone levels – Vitamin B6.
Inadequate Protein Intake: Both protein and fibre stabilise blood sugar levels, slow down digestion and leave you feeling fuller for longer. Sugar cravings caused by highs and low in blood sugar are sorted out once you eat a protein and fibre at each meal.
Artificial Sweeteners: Artificial sweeteners sound ideal for weight loss as they contain zero calories but they wreak havoc with the body causing it to crave sugar. They also become quite addictive and leave you craving more and more foods with artificial sweeteners. Retraining your taste buds for more plain foods is the only way to deal with sugar cravings.

Identifying the reasons for your sugar cravings is the first step,action must be taken to stop sugar cravings and move toward a healthier you. Support is available at